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You are thinking about new cabinets but still looking for some inspiration. Explore beautiful design ideas that will inspire as you dream about the possibilities for your new space.
Design My Space Design My Space
You have an idea of what you are looking for, but need to see what it looks like first!. We will help you design the space of your dreams so you can see it before you buy it.
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You know what you want and you are ready to order. It has never been so easy to find your items, add them to your cart, and have them delivered!

How It Works

Choose Your Style
Explore our Inspiration Page to define your ideal interior style. Choose from Traditional, Transitional, Modern, Contemporary and more.
Measure Your Space
We have developed a great way to measure your area to maximize space and keep accuracy.
Order Your Cabinets
Ready to order? Shop our online store to pick your desired cabinets. Choose from 17 finishes for your cabinets and don’t forget accessories.

Installation is easy with box delivery and on time shipping. Check out our installation help or browse our preferred contractors list for extra help.

What We Offer

Ready-to-Install Cabinets / DIY Cabinets

Installing your cabinets through our ready-to-install option is our most popular choice. Ordering your cabinets through Cabinet Express allows you to decide to install them on your own (DIY Cabinets) or use your trusted contractor. If you don’t have a contractor in mind, we have a list of trusted local cabinet installers.

Full Service
Cabinet Express offers a full-service option for shoppers who want to leave the heavy lifting to the pros. We will design your space, deliver your cabinets and install them for you. Our design professionals will even place the order for you so you don’t have to worry about anything!

Browse our list of preferred local contractors. We have hand-selected the best of the best in your area and have done all of the groundwork so you don’t have to. These trusted contractors have worked with our product numerous times and know exactly what they are doing in order to install your cabinets perfectly.